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Artículo: What is your ideal eye contour cream?

What is your ideal eye contour cream?

What is your ideal eye contour cream?

The skin around the eyes requires special care. It is more sensitive and delicate than the rest of the face. It is thinner, has less collagen and elastin, and is an area that moves a lot when we talk and gesture. From the age of 25, the first fine expression lines appear, which become more pronounced with age and turn into deep wrinkles. Crow's feet appear, and the eyelid skin loses firmness. This is why it is important to use a product formulated with specific active ingredients, which we apply before starting the facial routine.

How do we choose the most appropriate eye contour cream?

Convenience is one of the reasons, or rather, excuses, many people use to apply facial cream to the eye contour. This mistake is very common. Additionally, creams designed for the face can cause reactions around the eyes. Modern dermocosmetics, however, are not only more effective but also formulated to avoid such reactions. We always advise consulting a trusted skin specialist if in doubt.
However, we are aware that this is not always common practice, so here are some tips for choosing the most suitable eye contour cream.It is essential to choose it based on the type of problem you have because its active ingredients will determine the effect it will achieve: anti-wrinkle, decongestant, or depigmenting. Some eye contour creams contain active ingredients that work on several levels: bags, dark circles, and wrinkles.
This is the case with MELATOGEN EYE CONTOUR, which reduces eye contour fatigue, lightens the dark tone of dark circles, reduces bags, helps firm the eyelid skin, and softens wrinkles in the area. Another option that can help improve the eye contour area is REDEFINER EYE CONTOUR, which minimizes expression lines around the eyes, provides an immediate lifting effect, restores the characteristics of younger skin, illuminates and reduces dark circles.

How to apply an eye contour cream?

To achieve all its benefits, it is ideal to apply it morning and night. It is especially during sleep when the skin regenerates, so we should take advantage of that moment no matter how tired we are.
Apply a pea-sized amount of product to your ring finger and spread it from the inner to the outer eye contour with light taps. This action will help drain bags and allow the product to penetrate the wrinkles. It is also advisable to apply it to the eyelids.In any beauty routine, we recommend starting with the eye contour, continuing with the serum, and concluding with the treatment cream.

Tips to enhance the benefits of eye contour cream

The eye contour area reflects accumulated fatigue more than any other. Our main tip will please you: sleep at least seven or eight hours a day, and do so regularly. Rest will help the natural regeneration mechanisms work while we sleep.
Regardless of our skin type and the time of year, conclude your skincare routine with a sunscreen. The sun is the skin's main enemy, so using a good sunscreen is vital for its health.Of course, cleaning the skin well before applying the eye contour will remove impurities and facilitate the penetration of active ingredients.
This is a basic step in our routine that we must follow both in the morning and before going to bed.In short, step out of your comfort zone and start taking care of your eyes with creams specifically formulated for the eye contour. You will see the difference!