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Combination of high-power antioxidants that increase the cellular skin metabolism. Specially formulated range with three powerful antioxidants; Glutathione, Lipoic Acid and Superoxide Dismutase, which activate the skin’s anti-aging defences and help reverse potential damage.

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NOMINEESNOX+ BIBOOST. Perfecting concentrate with high potency antioxidantsNOX+ BIBOOST model texture
NOX+ BIBOOST Sale price$78.69
NOMINEESNOX+ DAY CREAM. Antiaging defense with high potency antioxidantsNOX+ DAY CREAM TEXTURE
NOX+ DAY CREAM Sale price$74.48
NOX+ NIGHT CREAM. With active antioxidants for overnight use NOX+ NIGHT CREAM TEXTURE
NOX+ NIGHT CREAM Sale price$74.21